Welcome to DU CourseMedia

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What is DU CourseMedia?

  • A large university digital collection of course ready images, videos and audio materials to be used for teaching and learning.
  • Allows instructors to organize, present and share media materials with their students.
  • Used by over 300 DU courses each academic quarter.
  • Recognized as an innovative educational software tool for higher education.
  • Developed by the University of Denver - Office of Teaching and Learning.

Core Features:

  • NEW! Embed videos into your Canvas using the new Canvas Embed Tool. Learn more
  • Embed YouTube videos into your gallery using the YouTube iframe code.
  • DU VideoCast videos (Voices of Experiences, Bridges to the Future and other DU events) are now available in DUCM.
  • A What's New page to quickly see recently added media objects.
  • Play your gallery inside of Blackboard or Canvas using the gallery iframe code.
  • Flash cards for images inside a course gallery.

Support and Help: